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Fleet Safe – Tailored Course for Corporate & Fleet Drivers

Managing a fleet safely comes with its challenges. The priority for all Fleet Managers is to keep their drivers safe in their work environment whilst minimising the running and insurance costs of the fleet. Only by providing adequate training is it possible to reduce not only major, but minor single vehicle accidents that cost money and cause downtime for repair. The Formula Company understand the unique challenges of fleet management and have developed a driver training program specifically for fleet and corporate drivers.

The Formula Company have set a new benchmark in fleet driver education in Australia with our Fleet Safe driver training program. The program has been developed to a best-practice standard with the course underpinned by the latest Australian and international research into safe driving.

The Fleet Safe course is nationally accredited so all participants will receive driver training certification in either light passenger or light commercial vehicle classes. The Formula Company deliver the Fleet Safe driver training program nationally and we can manage the largest of fleets right down to the individual.

At our Sydney Motorsport Park headquarters, we have access to a world-class, purpose built driver training facility that includes:

A wet and dry driver training arena to replicate different road conditions
Figure 8 handling and cornering circuit
Classroom facilities
Catering and hospitality facilities
A dedicated team of certified instructors
Fleet Safe provides a comprehensive solution for corporate customers and fleet managers of multinational corporations or state owned public services that can be rolled out to drivers in single locations or right across Australia.

Fleet Safe establishes a core set of safety principles that will complement your company’s corporate values, as well as set out a best practice safe driving framework to ensure everyone one of your drivers has received the correct level of training based on their specific role and risk profile within your organisation.

The program includes:

Free consultation to define needs and outcomes
Risk assessment and profiling of driver groups
Development of tailored course content to achieve specific outcomes
Development of a training requirements matrix and calendar
Delivery and measurement
With improved safe driving practices you can expect; a reduction in low speed single vehicle accidents, lower fleet operating costs, lower rate of injuries and repairs causing down time or loss of productivity and positive brand representation.

Courses are run over a full day and include theory and practical training as well as lunch and refreshments.

To book your free consultation, please call (02) 9805 1333 or email mike@theformulacompany.com