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Observed Licence Test

To participate in most competitive four-wheeled motorsport arenas, you will require a CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motorsport) racing licence.

While most non-racing events such as track days, skidpan events and even some competitive race meetings such as Supersprints allow a basic L2S CAMS Licence, the higher levels of motorsport including all door-to-door racing needs a full competition licence.

To obtain a full CAMS competitive racing licence, you will first need to complete a CAMS Observed Licence Test (OLT) with an accredited instructor.

An OLT is a test of practical skills, where CAMS approved instructors observe you under modified race conditions. The OLT is a critical component of the licence application stage. It provides a means that you have basic understanding and knowledge of maneuvering a vehicle at high speeds to ensure the safety of both yourself and others including, drivers, officials, and spectators.

The SMSP Driving Academy offers an OLT service to drivers looking to participate in competitive motorsport. Prior to booking in for an OLT, you will have to have:

– Submitted a Licence Application Form (complete with a medical from your own doctor) to customer service (customerservice@cams.com.au)
– Received an email with links to a compulsory online lecture, and successfully completed it
– Issued with a Pre-Licence Authority (PLA) from customer service

To book in for your OLT, please contact Mike Navybox directly on mike@theformulacompany.com or 0417 462 664

For more information on the different types of CAMS licences, plus forms and pricing, please visit with CAMS website.