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Whether you are looking for a half-day incentive driving program or a week-long new vehicle launch, The Formula Company (TFC) Corporate Services can tailor a package to meet your business needs and budget.

New Vehicle Launches

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At TFC we understand the need to educate and excite sales staff about new products.  When designing a drive program we aim to build enthusiasm and knowledge that staff will take back to their dealership to better engage customers and prospects.

We can either join your team of preferred specialist providers to deliver the drive program component or we can provide a turn-key event where TFC assumes responsibility for the complete management and delivery.

Bespoke Events

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With access to a range of exclusive experiences at Sydney Motorsport Park (formerly Eastern Creek International Raceway) and other venues across Australia, TFC Corporate is ideally placed to design your custom driving experience.  Virtually any event can be delivered from one-on-one skills training to a new product launch for five hundred guests; from driving a supercar to fleet driver training; from joining a race team for the day to chauffeuring a limousine.  The scope is limitless but each event is carefully crafted to meet your business objectives and budget.

Past Clients*

TFC Corporate team has been privileged to deliver custom driving events and experiences to a wide range of brands including: Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Ford, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lexus, Maserati, Mini, Toyota, Trivett Classic BMW and Volkswagen.

* includes events delivered under the Events O’Neill banner

Volvo Track Day Video